Deborah Savage, PhD

Philosopher and Theologian

Author and Speaker


Deborah Savage is currently a Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is a student of St. Thomas Aquinas, and a recognized scholar of the work of John Paul II. Her work is informed by both her academic scholarship and work experience, having spent 25 years in business prior to pursuing her doctorate. Her work seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, theology and culture – her mission is to recover a culture of life.

The Necessity of Complementarity

Deborah Savage’s initial area of study focused on Christian feminism. As she researched, Dr. Savage realized that true Christian feminism depends upon the complementarity of man and woman. Today, this complementarity is dependent on the restoration of manhood and on man and woman’s relationship to God. Deborah’s work is a passionate endeavor to merge theology with practical insights that aim to rejuvenate our cultural landscape. Her speaking engagements and writings focus on:

  • Man and woman
  • Faith and human work
  • Economics and religion

Guest Speaker

Male and Female He Created Them: Complementarity as Mission

Deborah Savage provides thought-provoking insights on man and woman, and faith and work.

Deborah Savage is a frequent guest speaker on various religious, philosophical, and societal topics. These topics include, but are not limited to: the complementarity of man and woman, the masculine genius, the genius of man and woman, faith and human work, the relationship between religion and economics, fatherhood, the war on men, and our spiritual Father. Dr. Savage is available to give presentations to academic conferences, parishes, high schools, diocesan gatherings, professional organizations, retreats, etc. Engage your audience with insights on faith and society. If you would like to schedule Deborah Savage as a guest speaker, please click the button below to submit a speaking request.


  • Co-founder and Director, The Siena Symposium for Women, Family, and Culture, an interdisciplinary working group at the University of St. Thomas
  • The Academy of Catholic Theology
  • The American Catholic Philosophical Association
  • Board member, Curatio, since 1999
  • Board of Trustees member, Franciscan University of Steubenville, 2017-2021


  • Finalist: 2008, 2009 Novak Award, given by the Acton Institute for research into the relationship between religion and economics.